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Helmut Janssen

M.Sc. (Ecol. Biod.); B.Sc. (Hons.); Cert. G.I.S.; Dipl. Farm-Forestry (Hons.)

Helmut Janssen is an Environmental Scientist and Project Manager, specialising in Resource Information and Integrated Management. With extensive experience in Forest Ecology, Biodiversity Information and Prioritisation, Afforestation and Ecological Silviculture, he conveys a wealth of science and practical knowledge in this innovative and inspiring publication.

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Resource Information

Bush Vitality Assessment

Biodiversity Prioritisation

Developing Integrated Land Mgmt Strategies

Elite Native Timber-tree Seed-sourcing

Native Afforestation and Silviculture

Corridor and Riparian Restoration

Steepland Afforestation


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Revised edition
186 pages; 156 Figures; 28 Tables

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